Tuesday, October 20, 2020

More cuteness...

 I received this one this evening...isn't he adorable.  He has been barking at the neighbor mowing his yard and using his leaf blower.  


Yesterday I bit the bullet and and got this pin basted.  I did it on my dining room table.  I put the leaf in which makes it around 80 inches long.  And it is 42 inches wide.  There was about 12-14 inches of quilt top hanging over the far end, and on either side it came down to the floor.  The actual pin basting is easy on the table but getting everything spread out by myself is a real chore.  To try to get them centered on top of each other is not an easy task.  Anyway, it is pin basted, now I have to make a decision on what thread to use, and what design to quilt.  It will probably be something very simple.


Does anyone else use the wool dryer balls?  I think it was on someone's blog that I read that used them.  So I got some.  And I do like them.  My clothes still have some static, but sure not as much as before.  Plus sometimes I am almost positive they dry quicker.  Anyway, I had a load of clothes in the dryer and had used the whole set of six balls.  The dark ones that I use for jeans/Roger's t-shirts and jogging pants...well, I hung everything up and only had four of the dryer balls.  I looked in the dryer twice...thinking I had just not looked good.  

Nope, not there.  I looked on the floor, thinking I had dropped them and not known it.  No, not there either.  So I checked the jogging pants I had folded.  Not in them.  I was beginning to think I was crazy.  I started feeling of the clothes I had hung up,  There was a heavy sweatshirt, and one was down in each sleeve!

I will leave you with a quick little video.  It is not good quality, but it still makes me laugh.