Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More from the strip pits....

After I saw the swans in the previous post, I did not see another thing till I had about given up. Normally, I do not even go a quarter of a mile from the pond the swans were on till I see pheasants. Not last night...not a single one there close to the pond. Not any flying across the road...I crept along for a couple or three more miles...the only things stirring were red-winged blackbirds and robins...I was about ready to leave when I spotted this little lady out of the corner of my eye. I was almost past her, so backed up. All the time I am backing up, she is running away. I finally paused and tried to capture her....she was moving so fast I could not focus on her. You can still tell what she is, but that is about all. There was also a male ring-necked pheasant but he was on the far far for my poor lens.
After the pheasant, this strip pit was just a few feet was teaming with life. I first noticed these two blue herons. Again, they are too far for a very good photo, but at least this are a record of what I saw. And I witnessed both of them catching and eating a fish, but was not quick enough to capture them eating them.
Next I noticed this little wading bird...I am not sure what he is. I think a sandpiper of some sort.
There were several of them, but this one was the only one close enough to capture.

There were these diving birds, but my photos are too poor to even show on here..but they will dive completely under the water for several seconds and come up several feet never know where they are going to pop up....

I also showed another prized capture on my Time Stand Still blog...besides that, on the way out there was a herd of 10 deer....and I saw four more male pheasants.

Edited to add: Thanks go to Montanagirl who suggested this might be a common snipe...after googling it, I do believe she is right.