Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For all you birders out there

I have been wishing I was good at working with metal...I have been wondering about making a few things. My husband could make them with hardly a thought...he is good at working with metal. And even though he doesn't do art stuff, he is good at it. He just prefers to make things that really serve a purpose...not that he doesn't like beauty.
He likes to make things that are really useful and really needed, not just things to look at. He can almost always look at something and make it....and a lot of times make it better.

I saw these along the sidewalk down in Nashville, and am thinking I will have him make me one or two, or else teach me how to make them. But I think it would be safer if he made them. Now he would make them for me if they weren't for suet, but he will like making them since they are for something other than just to look at.

Does anyone make their own suet? I know my mom did every now and then. I don't remember how she did it...for one thing it was maybe once a year. I don't think she had the beef fat available to do it more often. Being that I couldn't remember how she made it, I googled suet and find the info...if you are interested, here and here are a couple of places that have info on making suet. I am really thinking I might try making some. I hate throwing away the fat that comes on some of the beef I buy....so making suet would put it to good use.