Friday, August 7, 2015

Flower garden spider...

I have not looked for it today, but it has been out there for well over a week.  I am hoping it stays the rest of the year.
Nothing much accomplished today and I feel like I have not stopped.  We had to go to Walmart, then I had to get my hairs cut...and we ran to Menard's in Terre Haute and I did pick out paint for a bedroom.  That is such a chore for me to decide.  Hoping we can start on that tomorrow, but not sure we will.

I just finished up a load of clothes I brought in earlier.  They had been on the line for at least 2 or three hours and had not dried completely.  I just wanted them done.
Remember the look Bubbie was giving me in the picture yesterday.  Well, last night he ended up in our bedroom, and here he came and jumped up beside me...and would not let me stop petting him for quite a bit.  Then he snuggled in next to me as hard as he could and put his head on my arm/shoulder.   He is so plush, though, that  I cannot stand the heat he I eventually picked him up and carried him out.