Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From the strip pits

I have not been taking any pictures at all; just not been feeling like getting out and about. But late yesterday I decided it might do me good mentally to get out for a few minutes. Never mind the fact that every night there has been beautiful sunsets, and I have wished I was out there after the fact. Anyway, I just happened to see the deer above...he was barely visible in that sea of grass. After seeing him I started keeping a better lookout, and managed to see 7 before the evening was over. But I bet there was at least double that number, and maybe more that saw me. They were so hard to spot...most times I would see the ears first, then part of their head...but the grass/hay was so thick that was all I would see unless one ran.
I also saw a couple of these frogs...I suppose this one was waiting for a meal to come by on wings...he was in almost the same position when I left the place.
And I saw a few dickcissels but no good shots....I will have to go back later to see if I can get some earlier in the evening. It was late by the tie I took not such a great shot.
Oldest daughter is back to her job now...let me tell you Lorelei enjoyed her. She could not get far from Lorelei's sight...and Lorelei was just totally happy having the three of us together. I am trying to think of some of the funny stuff she did while her aunt was here, but cannot think.

It was good to see oldest daughter...we even went to a quilt shop or two to find fabric for the backing of her quilt. It is odd...when she first leaves, it don't hit me till a bit later just how far away she is. I want her back cause we miss her, but yet she really enjoys where she is, so I don't want her back...does that make sense? I think for any parent, all they want is for their kids to be happy...

I have got to get headed to physical therapy here in a few minutes. That is going okay...only one of the exercises so far is really hard to do. It really hurts to do it. The others I have to really concentrate to do them right. I don't know if it is because I have been sitting so tensely for so long, or why. I do know now that this started sometime before February 3. I happened across pictures of all the ice we had then, and this was already started when we had it. If I had only gone to the doctor then, this would be a thing of the past.