Monday, January 6, 2014

Lame bird...

This little junco was here both yesterday and today.
Notice it's little leg that it drags along behind.  Yesterday it did not seem to bother it but it struggled today.

It is has been in the negative numbers all day, just as predicted.  I saw it as low as -12ºF this morn, it got up to -7ºF and I thought I saw it a degree warmer than that but not sure.  And it sits back down at the -12ºF again as I type this.

I have felt so sorry for the birds...they have really suffered today.  They would gather on my front porch and in the bushes out there.  I could actually see them shiver.  I could figure no way to make them a warm place to stay that they would use.

And Roger put out some more food, and one of the deep footprints he left served the birds as a shelter.  I don't know why, but I only saw them use the one.  This one dove sat in it about to go to sleep.  I thought it might be dying and pecked on the roused and went back to eating.

The little junco above had to use its wings to balance itself.  Or at least I think that is what it was doing.
I am working on puzzle...this is my third one since Christmas.  It does not want to got together good.  It is hard to explain...the pieces that actually fit together don't go together good.  So is a pain to work....

A friend of my husband that lives south of Terre Haute had a big limb break out of one of their big old pine trees and just missed really damaging their house.  How it didn't knock out windows is more than I know.  He sent pictures and it could not have been any closer.  It did tear up their deck.
It feels so good to be blogging again.  I am slowly trying to touch base with everyone.