Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am going to try to attach one more set of pictures, before I attempt to reinstall everything. That is the only way I am going to be able to use this computer. I have had the internet disconnected most of the day and a big lot of yesterday...I had the Trojan Vundo last night right before I turned it off and again this morn when I had no more than turned it on. Norton seems unable to completely clean the computer of it.

I did go and buy an external hard drive to save my music and photos...the music I do have on CD's for the most part, but I like having them on here. Plus I saved a few other things. I do so miss the I have nothing to lose but time.

Anyway, I took this picture while coming home from Terre Haute the other day--yes I was going 60 mph but there was no one close to me. And things were set fully automatic. The top picture is the one I took--I wanted to have these for Skywatch Friday, but not sure if I will be back in operation or not. This bottom one I used my software and clicked solarize in one of the filters...I think under view. Anyway, I like it. Oh, be sure and click to enlarge. If you comment on it, and I hope you do, just realize I may not get to them for a day or two.