Sunday, June 30, 2013

Poem about Lorelei, by her Papaw....

To best view it, I would suggest right clicking on the photo, and then click view in another window.  If you still have trouble reading, here are the words:

Our little feather
Our little feather, she flits here and there.
Quick as a bunny, she jumps like a deer.
She’s brainy, and special, and thinks many thinks.
She can figure out figures, and kink out the kinks.
She’s too quick, she’s too smart, and she’s hard to hold.
She scares us to death, cause she’s way too bold!
I pray for her soul every day of the year!
Because her teens are coming, and we live in fear!
Pa Paw

We came home from somewhere about a week ago, and Roger sat down and wrote this in just a few seconds...and I played with one of my pictures...and we printed a copy for each of us.  the only difference being that the lines were centered like above and all on the white part of her jacket.  This was just a quick redo on my computer for me to give you an idea of what she did.