Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring beauties...

Our irises are starting to bloom...and I don't know the name of any of them. The top two came in a bag that was mixed colors....
And the one below I just cannot remember.
I cannot pick a favorite...just love their bright colors.
Not much going on here. Roger finished cutting the wood from the tree. We saved some of it to have a bonfire some evening if we want. I planted a few more Asiatic lilies...I have gradually grown to really love them.

I am not sure what I am going to do where the crab apple tree grew. Maybe nothing this summer. I told Roger now I can look out the front window and watch for rainbows. Always before I had to go outside to see around the tree.

The cats did not know what to think yesterday...I am thinking they will miss it. They like to climb the bushes when we are outside watching them. I never notice them up them unless we are out there. They are like a kid showing off.

Tomorrow the turkey hunting season opens....if it is not storming Roger will go. And of course there is a chance for storms. I haven't tried to make any plans...so will see what the day holds...

The road ahead.....

This is a road we traveled on yesterday...like so many other roads. They always urge us on. And I always have the urge to take photos of these roads...I have countless photos of this scene with slight variations.
We did cut down the crab apple tree today. Roger actually cut it down and I stacked the brush. It brought back memories of working in the orchard. Our chainsaw did not want to start...even for Roger. It reminded me of these pruners we had for a while at the orchard. They were ran by this portable air compressor. It had either a 5 or 7 horsepower gasoline engine. I am almost positive it was a 7 horsepower.

In winter, I always had to wait for the boss...because when it was bitter cold I could not start anything that had a pull start, except for the chainsaw. Well, that compressor was about the end of both of us. I would pull and pull and pull and he would say, move, let me try it. Then he would pull and pull and pull and then I would tell him to let me try....we would would both go through this several times before it would start.

As a side note, the picker I worker from had a 13 horsepower engine and would almost always start on the second pull the first time it was started for the day. Then later, one pull each time.
The engine for the compressor and the engine for the picker were both made by Honda.

Anyway, today brought back fond memories. And it was fun, but tiring to be outside doing that type of work. And when we were done, I even came inside and finished cleaning the kitchen cabinets.

The rest of the day I spent being absolutely worthless.