Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random things....

Remember I told you an artist wanted to use my barn photo for one of his projects...a pen and ink project?
His name is Sonny Perschbacher, and a few days ago he contacted me and offered to send me a copy. I told him I would be happy if he just took a photo and sent it via email. Well, he did that but yesterday I also received a copy. I went to his sight and it is listed can see it right HERE! For some reason I cannot copy the link he gives down on the right side. Anyway, I really, really like it. I would like it if it wasn't a barn I had photographed.

I am thinking I will have Sarah mat it for me if she can find the time...she is talented that way. And I will have Roger make a frame. Maybe from a piece of wood that came from our own old barn. It may be a while before it is done with the things coming up.
Roger got the results of the blood work and the biopsy he had done last time at the doctor and they did not show anything at all out of the ordinary. So week after next he goes and has the patches put on. The only thing about them is he has got to keep them dry, so won't be able to get out and do anything and won't be able to take a shower. He will be fit to be tied with both of those things.
Has anyone else heard of the Kim Komando show on radio....she is the digital goddess. I don't listen to her near all the time simply because I forget. But I LOVE her show...she covers so many areas and helps people with problems, tells about new apps, new programs, talks about security issues...she just covers everything. I really have thought about paying for a subscription till I can listen any time I want to.

Sure not everything is something I am interested in, but almost every time I hear it I learn something new. Or hear about a cool deal...some of which I have really regretted not grabbing. Oh, not through her show...but about a year ago one of the camera companies had out a little point and shoot camera for $89 that was water proof or water resistant....I should have grabbed that too quick to talk about cause I am all the time wishing I had one. Just to be out in the rain and snow sometimes...
The auction house came and picked up my daughter's stuff yesterday, along with a few items from our garage. I wish we could have brought it here and sold it through Craigslist or something, but just too much of it and it was too heavy for Roger and I to deal with. I still do not have strength in my left arm, so cannot do a lot of lifting. Someone is going to be very lucky to get her washer and dryer....I think they had been used a year.
We are waiting on the kids to get here...they should be here in another hour or so. They had things to do before they get here. It is not as warm as I would wish for Lorelei but she will probably be fine.

I am scheduling this to post later tonight...probably won't be visiting anyone till tomorrow evening....