Sunday, September 6, 2009


This was taken out at the strip pits today...I did not know that Queen Anne's Lace had anything for a goldfinch, but this one was on top of a dried flower eating the seed I suppose. He sure is a bright little fellow, but Roger seen him first and it took me forever to actually spot him.

Round barn in Southwest Indiana

We went on a drive yesterday...on a spur of the moment. Ended up going to Washington, Indiana. I wanted to visit a quilt store there, The Stitching Post....not because I needed anything but just to see. I had been there years ago, and I must say I thought it had improved a lot! I had a very good visit there...the salesladies were very friendly and directed us to this barn.
On the way there, we stopped in Terre Haute and bought a walker for Bright Eyes....I think she will like it but not positive. She is just so wiggly all the time now. She cannot just take a bottle--she makes this noise while she takes it that is hard to explain. Or she pushes herself away from me and looks back at me and just grins. She has got a twinkle in her eyes all the time almost.

One day last week, I was changing her diaper. I just use our bed as the changing table...I have a pad with a towel over it that I lay her on. I was just starting to change her, and Roger was laying across the bed beside her talking to her when up jumps Cougar...I don't know how he done it but there was just enough room for him to land between Roger and Lorelei.

Lorelei seen him and he started to smell her...she grabbed a handful of fur on each side of his face, her mouth came open as she tried to pull him to her, and she was going to take a bite out of him! It was so funny...of course she couldn't really hold him so he just jumped down. And I washed her hands....but sure did get a good laugh out of it. I am so glad he is an easy going cat. I bet before she is very old they will be best of buddies...