Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Can you believe it?

I got this in a text an hour or so ago...can you believe it is her first day of school.  And can you believe that smile  from a kid going to a brand new school where she knows no one?  I cannot imagine feeling like that as a kid going to a new school.  But she has so been looking forward to it.  She is a kid that loves school...has never had a teacher that she didn't love.  And they all love her...

When I would deliver her to school every now and then when she was younger, we pulled up and let her out, and teachers were there waiting for them.    She was always greeted with a hug, or maybe I should say she greeted them with a hug.  But I really think it was just as much the other way.  Just think what a good hug from a kid feels like.


I was going to do a post last night, but was too weary.  And glad I didn't since I got the Lorelei photo.  But above you will see our awning.  the dark part is the gutter part   Well, it gets full of  STUFF....and it becomes a mess.  So much so that rather than flowing down the downspout, the water just overflows.

I have been knowing I had to get up there and clean it out, and I tried with my step stool  the other day but it just was not tall enough.  And truthfully, did not feel sturdy enough out there.  So yesterday, I bit the bullet and got out a bigger step ladder.  I approached it one way, but couldn't reach it.  So turned it the other...had Roger hold the step ladder.  I know that sounds overkill and it is, but I am just so awkward since I broke my  leg, but after the first time getting up, I was basically good to go.

What a pain.  There is just enough room to put my hand in and get a small handful of junk....cannot get a big hanful just cause there is not enough room.   And there where the awning is against the gutter part, I just could not reach and get the stuff under that.  I tried and tried to think of something to use...finally thought and had Roger get me just a regular old teaspoon...and not the kind with the long handle for iced tea as that would have been too long.    I was able to push it through and/or reach and dig it out and get it.

I just got tickled thinking about what we use for tools...necessity is the mother of invention.   But it worked and I still have not thought of anything else I could have used.  I still have the front awning to do but am waiting till next week.  It is at least twice as long.

Funny, we built the porch as a deck...was not going to put a roof back on it.  But I could not stand to sit out there without one.  I felt naked.  But with the awning, I spend a lot of time out there...and everyone that comes, well, before Roger had the stroke...we all enjoyed sitting out there.  And still, if our one good neighbor sees us, he or sometimes he and his wife come over and we sit out there and visit...we can keep our 'social distance' just fine.

That is it for to go put on a load of laundry.  I think I am going to make a small meatloaf today. 

Hope you are having a good week...