Friday, September 14, 2012

Yellow world returns....

I did not think I was going to get to see the seas of yellow this fall...but with the return of rain, the flowers popped up in the usual spots out at the strip pit. Oh, I so love to see the patches of bright yellow here and there. They are alive with bees and butterflies and insects.
Notice the background in the shot below...see the green!!! Look back at this post.....that hill is the same hill in the background, just a hundred yards or so on north.
The other side of the road is this weedy field...I happened to glance over and this is what I saw.
Can you believe the rack on that thing...he was quite a ways away. I had my lens out to I am thinking he was at least a 150 yards away...maybe more. I am not a judge of distance.
Here I cropped one of the photos till you can see the mass of the antlers. That is one big boy!
We messed around yesterday...we ended up driving through the strip pits and coming home. Then later in the evening, we headed to try fishing. First we fished in the tailwaters of the main dam. Roger caught a couple, and I caught zero...not one single thing. Then we headed to fish below the mill at Mansfield. I caught two....but that was it. Water is so low there.
We have had a little rain this morn...everything looks fresh and green. I am not sure what we are doing today. Maybe nothing. Which sounds good to me.