Saturday, January 14, 2017

Long ago...

This is from September 2, 2007....the first night we brought Puss Puss and her brother home.  They had been playing and playing...we must have had our minds on other things.  We suddenly missed her.  We started looking for her and could not find her.  So we started doing a methodical search of each room and would close the door behind us.

We worked our way back to the living room without finding her.  I can remember both of us being puzzled...finally I spied her in the kleenex box sound asleep.

Roger did not feel the greatest today.  I tell myself this is to be expected...and it really is.  Specially after he had did so much yesterday and then he stayed up later than normal.  So he was bound to be tired. 

Add to that, when I stopped sewing yesterday my sewing machine was making a funny sound.  I did not try oiling it because I had stuff to do.  I went down this afternoon to do a bit more sewing and it was still making the noise.  I did do the one line of sewing around the perimeter of the the quilt, and then stopped and oiled it.  Hoping that it would stop, but no such luck.  So I packed it up and we ran to Terre Haute to leave it for repair at Wabash Valley Fabrics....if repair is required.  It sewed just fine...I just was not comfortable sewing with it with the sound.

Anyway, I tried to tell him he could stay home...felt like he was too tired to go but he insisted on going with me.  Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow.