Monday, May 8, 2017

Rambling in my thoughts....

Sometimes I think I almost have a tendency to least as far as books.  On my kindle.  My kindle needed to update and I had to remove several books from it for it to have room to do the update. I ended up removing more than I needed to, but I still have close to a thousand books on it.  And yes, some of the above, I also have in kindle format.  I liked them so much I wanted them on my kindle, too.

I get two or three newsletters with books that are free, or some that cost very little.  I have over 1500 books, but I still look at those newsletters every day, and if  a book sounds good I get it.  I even buy a few books here and there.  And I also get kindle books from the library.  And I have ab

My childhood friend/sister-in-law and I often talk about how wonderful it would have been to have access to all the books we have now.  Oh, how we loved to read and just didn't have very many books. I read everything in our house, and some of them several times.  Oh, and I have close to a thousand books on my wish list at Amazon!

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but there was a time when I read a lot of the Harlequin romance books...when I was young...I have no idea where the first ones came from.  All I know is we had a stash of them...and we heard of this place up near Pineville, Kentucky that had used books.  They had boxes and boxes and boxes of them.  It was like opening treasure chests full of gold and silver.  Only they were worth more than that to us.

We could take books and trade them 2 for 1.  And I think to buy them was 2 for $1 or maybe it was 3 for $1...I know they were a lot cheaper than going to buy them  new.  So every once in a while we would go up there and trade books, plus maybe buy a very few....and I think every now and then we found something besides the Harlequins!

Anyway, I think the lack of books makes me grab all I can now...but maybe I would be like this anyway.  All I can say is if you ever ask me what I am reading and I say nothing, you will know that something is seriously wrong.  I feel naked if I don't have a book that I am reading.  I will finish one book and cannot rest till I choose my next one.