Sunday, March 7, 2010

The quilt tester

I have finally finished the quilt...but no pictures yet. Hopefully before the week is out I will have opportunity to take some. I have not worked on it steady, but just when I had TV to watch.
I am sure this quilt is going to be well fact, it already is. The three youngsters of the cats have all laid in it, on it, under it every opportunity they could get. But the Puss Puss shown here has been the one that seemed to love it most. She has really given it the official test the past couple of days.

Bubbie usually wanted in it if he thought he could get some kind of game out of it...and would crawl under the folds. He crawls under anything he can...put a newspaper on the floor and he will try to crawl under it. If just his head is under, he thinks his whole body is hidden.

Now Cougar is a bit different...he likes to lay on anything he can that I have recently handled. If I lay a jacket down, and forget it, I will look around in a bit and he is laying on it. He has gotten in my lap while I was stitching the binding down and sat on it till he had to move, and he did this while I was quilting it. I would quilt, have to stop and move him to reposition the quilt, and he would crawl right back on it. You don't know what you are missing if you don't have cats!