Friday, March 9, 2012

Three years ago today.....

Can you believe it was only three years ago that this was taken...what a world of change has gone on since then.

She has been here and gone to bed while her mom and dad has been out, but she had never spent the night all by herself. Then last week she started wanting to come spend the night with Mamaw and Papaw...we all wondered would she chicken out at the last minute.

But Sarah and Otto brought her down Tuesday...due to other things she didn't make it down sooner. Well, Sarah stuck around long enough to eat lunch with us...and afterwards we were sitting there and Lo had had two candy hearts but had been messing with one and dropped it. Sarah made her throw it away, and told her not to ask for more.

Lo asked me, and I told her just to wait a little while...she looked at her mom and said, "You go home." Just didn't skip a beat. And when Sarah left it did not bother her in the least...we played outside and she giggled and giggled. I do not not why I did not come get the camera...I guess I got caught up in watching her.

She found dandelions, and then she noticed these tiny blue flowers that I had not even noticed. She blew bubbles....she searched for rocks...she ran and hid behind the tree.

And then a neighbor has a little dog...oh, not a real little about the size of a beagle. I have tried to make friends with it but it just never trusts me enough. It seen Lorelei and here it could almost see it smiling. It came to me--but its real object was Lorelei. It went and got a stick and brought it to her...just so totally thrilled to have a child to play with. Now I am wondering if the next time I see it if it will still be okay or will I need Lorelei to meet with approval.

Anyway, back to the subject...Lorelei was fine all night....and did not want to go home the next day. If we had not had an appointment with a dermatologist yesterday morn, she could have stayed another night. She might have had to take care of us by then, but she would have been willing.