Monday, June 1, 2009


A couple more pictures from last month! From the same day as the irises I posted yesterday. Enlarge the pictures, at least the one above and look at the old truck truck sitting under the overhang. Right after I took this picture, someone else posted a picture with a truck in it similar to this but I don't remember who.
I am weary again tonight...not so much from Lorelei as from not a good night of sleep last night, and then tonight when I went to fix supper, I was making some cornbread and I burned the first pan. I assumed it was my fault...but I actually thought the oven was hotter than it should be.

I quickly made another pan and stuck it in, and made sure I put the timer on this time. In just a bit, I thought it smells like something is burning. I ran in there and checked and it was burnt again! And the timer/temp area had codes. I took the bread out of the oven and turned everything off...only even with switching everything off, the oven stayed on. I told Roger to go flip the breaker.

He came and told me he was going to flip it back on again just to see...I said okay but I want it left off. He flipped it on, and there was a flash in the oven and the codes popped up again in the time/temp area. He flipped the breaker off again...and I can still vaguely smell the smell. Not really burnt cornbread, but more like plastic or something that has been burnt.

So I have been looking on consumer reports and a couple store sights trying to decide what stove to get. I think I am just going to have to go pick one out in person. I don't trust getting this one is probably only 4 or 5 years old--if that. One of the smooth tops...and I have had things sort of 'funny' with it ever since I got it. One big burner cooks a lot slower than the other...or should I say cooler. One burner also had this button to push that was supposed to hold something to a simmer...sometimes I had to push it two or three times to get it to work, and sometimes I had to jiggle the knob that turns on the burner to get it to change temps.
Those are the main reasons I am tired. But Lorelei was a blast today. This morn it was comfortably cool, and I took her out on the front porch to sit a while and had our old collie dog, Shelby, out there with us. Lorelei had sort of laughed at her when she first saw her while I was changing her diaper earlier. So, I thought it a good idea for her to go out with us.

I told her to bark, and Lorelei threw her head back and laughed when she did! So I would get Shelby to bark and she would laugh. Then some ladies when by on their morning walk, and Shelby don't just bark...she does this bark/talk thing. And Lorelei laughed and laughed! And no one was there to see it except me, though I just know the ladies had to hear her.

And have I told you that Shelby tends to go sleep in the room with Lorelei when I put her down for a nap...and if Lorelei cries, she comes and looks at me to let me know I need to go get that baby. I think she is finally realizing I can take care of her without her help, but that first week if I waited a minute to see if Lorelei would go back to sleep she would come look at me and look back in Lorelei's room.

Well, I definitely need to go to bed....good night.