Sunday, January 6, 2019

In progress

I have several things in progress...including this puzzle.  I had it started once before and something happened and I decided to just throw it back in the box.  I had some sections together but this is one of those puzzles that even though it interlocks good, it does not hole together to pick it up and move it about.  You know how some puzzles hold together so good you can pick up a pretty big portion to transport it to where it is supposed to be.  This is NOT one of those...some of the time it is hard to even move three pieces without one falling off. 

This is just one of the things I have is the one getting the most attention when I have the time.  Though I have had it out several days, last night is first night I have spent a lot of time working on it.  Oh, I have sat here and there for a few minutes, but most days I have only worked half an hour or 45 minutes. 
We got our little walk in today...for the 3rd day in a row.  I am not sure if we will get it done tomorrow and Tuesday but Roger is enjoying it.  I think it is helping him mentally.  As well as helping me. 

Do you ever think about how easy you have it compared to your mom/dad?  Or just how much you have.  I would be embarrassed to tell you how many pairs of scissors I have in this house..or I should say we because Roger has a pair or two that are his for flytying, etc. 

When I grew up all my mom ever had was one pair of scissors, other than a pair that came with hair clippers.  I don't know how long she had had them when I came along...but she made almost all my clothes throughout school.  (I did make a few things when in high school.) 

I could not count the quilts whose pieces she has cut with those scissors.  She made pillowcases, she made curtains.  Anything she wanted, she made.  And I might add that it was made with a treadle sewing machine.