Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funny little girl

I am trying this...not sure if it will work. This is not very good quality at all, but hope you can see and hear enough to enjoy.


I wanted to post something...figured I might as well show my irises that are blooming. I have two or three other colors, but it is raining so cannot go take pictures. The one of the purple one is from last year, but the others were taken this year.
I don't know the names of any of them...the off white ones were given to me by a neighbor. I started with about half a dozen and now have a bunch of them.
The purple and the peach I bought, and the purple have really reproduced, but the peach haven't. I don't know the reason for the difference...
Sarah and Jeremy came by yesterday....seeing Lorelei did me a world of good. I start babysitting Monday if nothing else happens. I am hoping that I can at least post a little something along, but it probably won't be much. So hope you will bare with me till I get in a routine.