Friday, January 22, 2021

This and that....

 Just in case you did not find the car, here it is.

This has started has two blooms open with at least four more to come.  

Someone was talking about hearing from old friends they had not heard from in a long time...and I told her that would make my day.  

What do you know...maybe an hour later, I get a notice that I had an instant message from a FB friend...and she is an old friend I have known at least 40+ years.   so we caught up with each other...she was always one that we could work together in the kitchen, or just whatever.   It is strange how you can be good friends, but totally lose track of each other. 

I don't spend much time on FB...but this is the second friend to contact me in the past week or so. This other friend was worried because she had not seen a post from me in so long.

I have been doing some odds and ends of things this day that have needed doing for a long time.  I am weary this night...I have not sewn a stitch today.  But I will before the night is over.  So far, I have spent time sewing every day of this year.  I will be lucky to make it through the month of January.

This was a magnet that I had not noticed in ages.  It fits.

Cats do their best to train us...and do a pretty good job of it.

And for your entertainment, here is a video I found a bit entertaining.