Thursday, December 13, 2018

The quilt daughter made is finished...

I got the binding finished today....and by finishing I mean I did most of it today.  I had tried the previous two nights to settle down to doing it and just could not get a good start  I did one corner and part of the NOT even one side finished.  Today I was determined to get a good start on it and ended up finishing it.  I do need to wash it.  And either she or I will need to go over it with the lint roller and try to get all the strings.  I just simply cannot stand in a chair any more and do anything...I tried to stand in one to get the whole think in a picture and just could not do it.

Our daughter came the past two weekends and did the machine quilting...but travels next week.  That was why I ended up doing the binding.

I can still go up and down a ladder though!  Yesterday we worked on cleaning the gutters of the garage.  Roger has extra sections of the hose part of the shop vac and has a part that hooks over the guttering to clean it from the ground.  Since his stroke he just cannot look up much without getting dizzy and if he does look up for more than a very few seconds, he needs something to hold on to when he looks down.  He had to try it though...but just cannot do it.  It is not worth him falling.

So I did the front gutter with shop vac because the ramp is too steep to use a ladder on it....but we got out the big ladder and I helped Roger stand it up to the garage...he held it while I went up and down it...we  still have one end to do...but by the time we got the end and back side done, I did not think I could go up and down the ladder one more time!  But it feels so go for us to work together and do something.

It is raining now...started this afternoon.  and I think rain the next day or two.  But we may have a couple clear days at the beginning of next week with temps not too bad.