Saturday, July 2, 2011

Why stop?

I just cannot seem to stop taking pictures of the I wish I had taken out that screen long ago.
I told Roger I am going to have to have a feeder right in front of the window once this sunflower is gone.
It is so hot and humid here...I hung clothes out this morn, the first couple of hours they dried up to a point fairly good, but the last little bit they just hung and didn't seem to do anything. I just brought them in and threw them in the dryer a few minutes....and hung another load out.

Music is takes me back to childhood. I have always loved working to music. When I was a kid, I liked to mop...still like to in fact. Sometimes in the summer when we were busy canning and freezing garden stuff, and also picking blackberries and making jams and jellies...I can remember the kitchen floor just getting so dirty we felt like our feet almost stuck to it. I couldn't wait till everyone went to bed....I would turn the music on...not loud of course...but I always got down on my hands and knees to mop back then. And it was pure joy to work and listen to music...uninterrupted.

Preparing food for winter was such fun. We would gather beans and sit on the front porch talking while we broke them...and in between fixing meals...or sometimes after the last meal, we would can them. And we always froze some. Jars had to be filled and the freezer full, or we weren't done.

Or we would be gathering corn to freeze...that is another job we would do that could cause a mess...we would 'shuck' it...not sure if you call it shucking when it is still green, and take the silks off and cut off any end with worms on them...and all that stuff that came off the corn, I would gather and take and throw across the fence to the cows...

Then the corn was washed and then put on the stove on to blanch, and then cut off the cob. We froze very little corn on the cob because it took up too much room in the freezer.

We always bought peaches and canned them, and canned some of the blackberries for pies. And there was an old apple tree we used to gather apples from...we peeled them and I think mom froze some, but we cut a lot and laid them in the sun to dry....
I am messing around with things here...trying to go through some things and choose what I want to keep and what I want to pass on. Not having a lot of luck. I need to stop with that and do the vacuuming and some cleaning.

It feels so good to be able to reach and do stuff...I think I am much farther along with the therapy than they thought I would be. And it feels wonderful...I just have not felt like myself for the past month or two.