Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bits and pieces.....

I have one peony...year before last it only had one or two blooms...last year, it almost died so had none.  This year it is going to have 7 blooms.  The above photo was taken on the 20th...

This one was taken yesterday ....

Sarah took a couple days off work, and came up yesterday to help me....I have been trying to remove some of the clutter from our garages for a while.  And was not getting anywhere.  But yesterday...we said bye-bye to a lot of stuff.  And if you walked in either garage, you wouldn't believe that three truckloads left this place.

One load of stuff was mainly stuff Sarah took to one of the guys at her work..  We piled a lot of stuff in one bay of the I had stuff outside.  I called this one business to get a roll-off dumpster.  The owner asked me what I had...I was asking what was NOT allowed to be put in one.  So that is why he asked what I had to go in one, so I started naming all these odds and ends of items. 

He told me he knew a guy that would do a good job hauling it off and that I would not have to pay as much as I would for a dumpster.  So, this guy came right on time...the first guy told me he would come about 5:30.  So he was here, and I showed him all that was to go.  He got one load of old wood for the most part.  And old archery targets of Roger's. 

I thought I would feel really weird when he got the targets, but I didn't.  Roger has not used them but one time since his stroke, and that only because his buddy came over to use them.  Anyway that was one was just a bit over what would be level full.  Then he came back and got the next load...and it was piled high.  He had to tie it down.

I am so glad to have this much done...there is still a lot needs to be decided on...but at least a start has been made.

I was too tired to blog last night.  I came in to fix Roger and Lorelei something to eat, in this case tacos.  Quick and easy.  Anyway, it was well after Jeopardy was over before I was able to sit down, and was simply too weary to blog or do anything. 

Lorelei was spending the night so we had to go to bed early....normally we try to get to bed at 9:00 when she is here, but was 10:00.... still, the night was over before it began.

I am busy right now trying to catch up with you guys.  I hope you are having a good night and have good days ahead.