Monday, October 12, 2020

Scenes from the road and other stuff....


We are now settled in back home for a little while...the above photo was taken Sept 29th on my way to the dermatologist.

Notice this is a barn house!  I did not realize it till I looked at pic on my computer.  It is a from the road shot where I just try to aim my camera at a subject...I glance at the screen but that is about all I do.   I cannot take time to really do much other than glance.  The only reason I can do this is because it is a P&S and I am so familiar with it.  

 While staying with the grand fur babies, I made about half a dozen more crumb blocks...

We also went to a new to us inside flea market...I saw a few nice items....such as this cup

and I loved this rooster plate, but I did not buy it.  I need no more stuff!

The mole removed by the dermatologist was basal cell cancer...I will be going back November 6 for Mohs surgery.  Fun times ahead.  I might be glad that I have to wear a mask when out after that!  LOL  In case you don't know, Mohs surgery is done under local anesthetic.  The surgeon will remove a layer of skin/tissue and it will be checked for cancer,  If it still shows more, I will be taken back and they will remove another layer until it comes back clear.  

My father-in-law had Mohs surgery one time and he was taken back 7 times!  That was probably 37 or 38 years ago.  It was an all day thing. I hope mine is not that many times.  She did tell me I could wait in the waiting room, or in my car, or go eat, etc.

For fun I leave you with the latest Simon's cat.