Friday, November 18, 2011

We went down to little Nashville today...just to be out and about.....we saw lots of pretty things, but I only bought a few little items...nothing to show on here.

I really wanted to look at some things in this shop, and we did go inside, but she had Elvis singing Christmas music and it was just blaring.  I just was not in the mood for that so we turned around and left.  If it was a big place, I could have understood it, but it wasn't.
The other night I was actually talking to Sarah on the phone...and some to Lorelei, too.  Mostly though, I could here her in the background.  She was just busy...and having a good time.  Sarah told her. 'You're full of bologna!'  Lorelei said, 'No, I not!'  Keep in mind I am hearing all this...

Sarah asked, 'well, what are you full of?'  She says, 'Macaroni!'  Of course, Sarah and I lost it is good thing neither of us were drinking any sort of liquid.

For your reading pleasure.....

I have always wondered how legal it is to publish this...but it is old, and it still has the guy's name that wrote is hilarious.  You will have to enlarge it all the way to be able to read it.  I think it is well worth it.  It was in our little paper years ago and I cut it out.