Friday, November 18, 2011

We went down to little Nashville today...just to be out and about.....we saw lots of pretty things, but I only bought a few little items...nothing to show on here.

I really wanted to look at some things in this shop, and we did go inside, but she had Elvis singing Christmas music and it was just blaring.  I just was not in the mood for that so we turned around and left.  If it was a big place, I could have understood it, but it wasn't.
The other night I was actually talking to Sarah on the phone...and some to Lorelei, too.  Mostly though, I could here her in the background.  She was just busy...and having a good time.  Sarah told her. 'You're full of bologna!'  Lorelei said, 'No, I not!'  Keep in mind I am hearing all this...

Sarah asked, 'well, what are you full of?'  She says, 'Macaroni!'  Of course, Sarah and I lost it is good thing neither of us were drinking any sort of liquid.