Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The one that got away!

Look what I missed....a Great Horned Owl! A quick run to the strip pits resulted in us spotting a the owl first thing....but the minute I got out of the Rav to take a photo, it took flight.

Big thunderheads rolled in this evening and we ran out there...by the time we got out there it was so dark it felt like almost night. After we drove through the strip pits, the sun was back and it felt like we were waking from a dream.
Talking about waking, does anyone realize just how good it is to be able to go to bed in your own bed every night....and to go to sleep? I tell you it will be a while before I forget to feel thankful each night I can go to bed and go to sleep....

There are just so many things we all take for granted. With all the heat, I am so thankful to have AC....thinking how awful it would be without it. And knowing that a lot of older people would really have trouble breathing without it. I think about this several times a day now.

It also brings to mind that not all that many years ago, air conditioning was not the norm. When we were kids, we generally slept with the doors open and windows open....I remember laying my pillow in the window sill and sleeping with my head in the window when I was young.

And the year and a half that Roger and I lived in Tennessee, we opened the back door, and had the window open in our bedroom and our little house cooled out just fine. I don't even know if we used a fan.

We never had AC regular till after we had children. And I think our oldest daughter was at least in elementary school before we had a car with air conditioning. Now, I can't stand to drive down the highway with the windows open....

I would miss the air conditioning now, but what I really miss is being able to leave doors open. Locking doors is relatively new to me...I guess I was not living in the real world. But all the years my kids were growing up and in college, the doors were never locked unless we went totally away for over night. Most of the kids that came here knew they were never locked...some of them knew where I kept a few dollars...in case it was needed for paper boy, etc.

I really miss those days...