Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Not so great image and video...

As usual we were headed to McDonald's this morn...a lot of morns we choose to go to one in a neighboring town...for a couple of reasons.  They remodeled ours and we neither one really like how it is now.  Not enough booths, and there is no color...everything is gray and black, except for a few light shades that are red.

But that is not the point of the story.  We always like to go to the neighboring town and watch for hawks on the way, and we occasionally go through the end of the strip pit area.  As we were about to pass the road into that area, I noticed all the geese in the area and quickly turned down the road.  And soon as I did, down the road I saw two Bald Eagles fly across the road  at a very low altitude.

So I spead down the way as fast as I could to get across from the snow geese and to look for the eagles.  I did spot one of the eagles all the way across the field in a tree beside the big strip pit.

When my camera is as zoomed in as close as it will go, I never get good quality photos, but at least you can see him.  When looking without zoom, unless you are really looking you would never have seen it.  That is how far away he was.  I could just see little white dot...I had to get the binoculars out to really see. Then try to find him with my little P&S.

All told today, we saw at least 6 eagles, and two more, but I really think one was one of the first two we seen cause I had focused on the one and did not see where the other went.  And then another one was where we later seen two am assuming it stayed there a while.

Below is a short clip of the snow geese...I recommend turning your sound down  or off...the wind was horrible.

I could not hold the camera steady ....partly the wind.  Partly just me I guess.

I do have my tree up, and the lights on but that is as far as I have got.  I am thinking we will decorate it tonight...

It is a pathetic tree...I bought it new last year, because it does not take up much room.  But you can see right through it.  But I am living with it again this year.  I hope I remember how much I hate it and next year soon as the trees come out, I want to go look for a new one.