Friday, February 4, 2022


Both the above and below were taken late yesterday afternoon.  It did not stop snowing before dark.  I do not know if it stopped at all but I did look outside sometime between 11:00 and midnight and it was snowing pretty hard.  

I did not do any shoveling yesterday, though I did clean off the front porch.  You probably cannot tell, but somehow the wind whipped the snow from the back of the porch to the edge and that is a snowdrift on the edge of my porch in the top photo.  Where my steps are.  So I did clean the steps off somewhat.

But I shoveled today.  Not all I need to do, but enough to get back.  From the back to the garage was probably 10 9inches of snow.  But directly behind the garage was only an inch or two.  Out front was probably just 5 or 6 inches.  So got it shoved from the porch to the sidewalk, and the sidewalk out front did so if the mailman comes, he won't have to wade snow up to my door as he must have done at some point yesterday.  

I had mail, but had not seen any tracks...when I went back out there today, I could barely see tracks in front of the porch.  None on the porch or none leading up to the porch.  Just those walking away...and they were barely noticeable.  
For fun a couple little videos from my daughter.  The first one shows her reaction if you ask if she wants to go to the basement and play.

And the second one is showing her and Delta's love of snow.