Friday, November 4, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday, but due to weather and Jeremy working, we met the kids Wednesday to have lunch together.

Yesterday I returned ALL the books to the library...and I did not even go inside.  I figure I will be pretty busy with my kindle for a while to come.  I know the newness will probably wear off, but right now I would just as soon not have to worry about getting books back down there.

Anyway, have been looking and looking at books on Amazon...still haven't spent a dime.  And really, as much as I have on there...I won't actually need to buy anything for a long time to come.  Still, I looked at some of the books I already have in actual book form to see if they were available for the kindle...some were and some weren't.

Anyway, while I was sitting at the computer, I had a notice that Sarah had posted to my face book wall...this is what she had posted.  Be sure and have your volume turned up and listen closely at the end!  I have smiled and laughed at this over and over.