Friday, April 9, 2010

Does this look familiar to anyone out there???

This is one of the first knives my husband ever made...way back in 1978-79.
It belongs to someone else, but needed a face lift. It has only taken him a couple years to get to it. I wonder if it will take two more years to get it back to its home.

Things that bloom in the spring

I don't know why I have not been taking any photos of flowers...I did take some of the daffodils below the other day. They are now done blooming, though others I have are still going strong.
I noticed yesterday that the bluebells and toad shade had started...I took some of each but the toad shade did not turn out too good. The bluebells, as well as the toad shade, we got at this place where my husband hunts. My kids planted them for me. I did have ginseng, may apples and jack-in-the-pulpit but a few years ago we extended our porch and it covered them up. So I need to get more.
I just love some of the plants that comes from the woods...