Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do you remember how Where The Red Fern Grows starts out?  I had totally forgotten.  In case you are wondering...Billy is a grown man and is walking along when he hears a dogfight.  A pack of dogs are attacking an old redbone hound.  The redbone sends some of the dogs away injured, and Billy swings his jacket and scares the rest of them away.

Of course the redbone brings back memories of Dan and Little Ann...anyway, he takes the him home and baths him and feeds him.  And by the looks of his feet, Billy thinks he is hunting for his master. The redbone has a homemade collar on, and scratched on it is the name Buddie.  He feeds Buddie and when night comes, Buddy becomes restless, so Billy lets him out the back gate to continue on his journey.

My question is, wonder what happened to Buddy?  Did Wilson Rawls ever write Buddie's story?  I think it would have been every bit as good as the story of Old Dan and Little Ann.
And has anyone read The Last of the Breed by Louis L'Amour?  Everyone always thinks he wrote only westerns, and maybe most were but this one isn't.  And it is one I have always thought he planned to write a follow up book. This is one of my favorite books.