Thursday, March 18, 2010

Evening glow....

I have been missing some great sunsets...every night I have looked to the west and there has been this fabulous golden glow. It has been indescribable, and will remain so even though I went to the strip pits again to try to capture it.
I saw a blue heron taking off as soon as I turned down the road to enter the area, no chance for a photo. But then I noticed a chance to get a close picture. Just seen his head. So I crawled along, and eventually saw two more that were together, these were too far away for my poor lens. I watched them a little while and continued on and saw the one above. This is not the greatest picture but it will do. By the time I headed home, I had seen either 7 or 9 pheasant. The reason I say 7 or 9 is that I think I saw the same two twice...all were male. I wonder where the females are hiding.
The evening glow had just barely started when I took the photo of the pheasant...I am not sure you can tell it in it but I think you can see its beginning in this photo. I thought about calling it The Long Shadow....
And two more of the sunset itself! Even though it didn't have quite the same color that I have been missing, it was gorgeous. I hope you enlarge them for full effect!

I wish everyone could have been there...the spring peepers were in full voice, red-winged blackbirds were every was just so peaceful.

And I almost forgot to tell this...I was creeping along retracing my route....the one I had just went down and there was a fishing rod-n-reel in the road. How I had not run over it on the way down the road is more than I know because it was on that side! It was not near a strip pit...have no idea how it got there. It came home with isn't a good one or anything. One of the eyes were bent....I bent it back in place. If there were a local bait shop I would leave it there, or else tell them if someone comes in looking for one to call me. We have lost stuff out like that, only it was a more cherished item and it is not a good feeling.