Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have always had a thing for single trees, and I find myself taking more pictures of them. As well, as wondering why people will leave just one tree in the middle of hundreds of acres. The above is actually in someones backyard, or almost their backyard looking out over farmland. I like the way it leans and curves.
The above was taken just to show the clouds...they almost don't look real.
This one was actually in a pasture, and it had a partner. I wonder if they were left for shade for cattle...or what for. They make the whole scene inviting...makes one want to have a picnic under its branches.
The above photo was taken by Roger.
But if you want to talk inviting...doesn't that little face above just make your heart melt? We spent the day with her and her mom, and her daddy got home before we left. I think kitties are cute and puppies are cute, but oh my, when it comes to babies. They are so innocent and so adorable....you can't stand to think of them being hurt or hungry or sick. You just want to protect them the rest of their lives. I told Roger we better hold her all we can, because before we turn around she will be up and about and too busy to want to be held much.