Saturday, October 1, 2011

A touch of fall

We wanted to go somewhere yesterday, but didn't want to drive too we headed up the highway.
After about 20 minutes or so, we headed off on side roads...even though we were farther north, there was not as much color as around here. We did find an Illinois heron viewing station, but not one single thing was least not in the wildlife department.
I was relieved to hear that several of you have the same troubles with followers posts not showing in your viewer....I thought I was the lone ranger in that department. I am not glad you are having the same thing happen, yet I am glad I am not alone.

Now to something most of you know I have Time Stand Still on a totally separate account. The other day I had posts scheduled and wanted to change the view date of a couple...I could not change that....I could access the post, but when I changed the post date, and clicked publish nothing happened. I tried clicking 'Save' and nothing happened. So, I thought it just a glitch...thought it was not that important. I thought I would come back to it later, and everything work.

Then night before last, I noticed I forgot to change the size of the photo to 640 x 427, and tried to change it...again I could access the editor, but could not change it. I have tried it on two different with Vista and one with Windows 7, so I don't think it is my computer. Any ideas???

I have one post scheduled on it for tonight, but haven't had time to see if I can set up any more. I am wondering will I be able to post anything after the one tonight.