Friday, February 1, 2008

Yes, we have more of this white stuff--only 3 or 4 inches. The meteorologists were predicting 6-8 inches, so we got off light. And it is so warm, the main roads are already clear. I think before the weekend is over, it is supposed to be back up to 50 degrees...

Every time a door is opened, the Princess comes flying through and tries to run out...and manages to get outside at least once a day. She did not know what to think about the white stuff on her little paws. She is too quick to get a picture, but I wish I could have. She would step in it, then shake her paw off and step forward, only to have to shake that paw. I think she would eventually get used to it.

I have been in a funky mood...just not in the mood to do anything. It has been a big week in ways. I took the boys to the vet to be neutered that is done. Both boys and girls now lack the ability to many people will not get boys fixed...but that is just as important in my book as the girls. I do not want to contribute in any way to the high population of unwanted animals.

Then there was the friend that passed away this week. He was 66 yrs old...feels very strange to realize he is no longer here. He saved my brother's life one time when they were just young men--an old mean cow managed to get my brother bound in the rope he had on another cow...if not for Leonard, he would either have been killed or seriously injured. I don't know just how he got my brother out of the mess into safety, cause it was only the two of them there, but he did it.

We also got my husband's paperwork for retirement mailed in...that is a big load off my mind. I am so glad to have that done. He is supposed to retire June 3 of this year...hopefully we will get in plenty of fishing this year. I have sure missed that over the past few years. When I worked I did not have the energy left over to go...then the past couple years I go a few times by myself or with my daughter, but feel guilty cause he is working. (I am very good at putting guilt trip on myself.)

Then there is another big happening in ways....but I just don't feel quite right telling it on here since it was not me it happened to.

On the lighter and brighter side there is this:

I received this award from Marion, one of my on-line quilting friends. Hers is one of the many blogs that I check every day....half of the blogs I read are for quilting and the other half are for the photos posted. Barb is one of the people that inspires me and encourages me probably more than she both quilting and photography. So I would like to present this award to well as to Laurie in the quilting department and Tom I hope it doesn't embarrass you to be included cause yours is one of the first blogs that got me really hooked on daily photos. You guys really help to make my day!