Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feeling their age....

A couple photos from yesterday...one of the best days I have had for photography in a while.
I am not sure about the tractors...I always assume a green tractor is a John Deere....did not know till sometime not too far back that the Oliver tractors were green also.  I did a quick glance at google pics and am pretty sure these are John Deere but if you know different, feel free to correct me.
I would love to have this old truck and have the know-how to fix it up.  There is just something about old trucks.  Well, even though I drive a Rav4, a truck is my choice of vehicles.  We have the Rav for convenience.  I really like the new Camaros and the Chargers, but if I had the chance to choose between either one of those and a truck, I would pick a truck any day of the week and six times of Sunday.
Do you ever go to a blog post and just cannot find anything nice to say...I am talking more about when I join memes....I like to visit EVERYONE that joins....I know I sometimes honestly miss a few.  I only join two simply because I don't have the time to visit a big long list everyday.  Well, I have the time most days but have other things I like to do as well.

I generally cannot lie and say I love a picture if I don't...have a hard time saying nice if I don't think it is nice.  So wondered what your phrase is if the picture does not appeal to you in any way?  Usually I can find something to like about almost any photo...it is just every now and then,  probably when I am in a mood, I just don't have any words, so rather than asked why in the world they chose to post that particular photo, I don't say anything.

Sometimes blogging gets to be a chore...but then there are the people that make it so worthwhile...I have met a quilting buddy through blogging....plus she is a nature lover....she lives in southern Indiana and we both wish we lived closer to each other.  Then there is another that just slays me sometimes with her humor.  Well, there are a couple that do that....used to be a third but she no longer posts and I miss her humor so much.  Her humor reminded me of my older daughter's type of humor. 

And then there are the ones whose appeal is their photographs.  There are a couple people that even if I have been absent from blogging for weeks, I will go back and look at every photo they have posted...
Edited to add:
I really don't mean to offend anyone, and heaven knows I have posted my share of photos that are not all that great...and some that only I would like.   I do agree with Mildred that blogging is about liking people...and also like Lois, making a comment is a way of acknowledging someone's time and effort....and to encourage them.  The thing of just not having anything to say very seldom happens, even in memes.  In fact, I am sure there are two or three  bloggers that might wish I would limit my comments sometimes.