Thursday, September 29, 2011

Could you sleep like this?

Could you even come close to getting in this position IF you wanted to sleep like this?

This is our Bubbie who I talk about fairly often. I was in here in the dining room and Roger said look at this. I got up and walked over where I could see and here he was all curled around in the basket. BTW, that is a pillow under him. A bed pillow. He is a big boy.

Anyway, Roger started to pet him and I told him to wait a minute...he did not move when I took the photo.

Then tonight the joke was on me...we have a fridge in the garage and we just put our cases of Coke in it and got get a few when we need them. Well, I turned on the light out there and here came Bubbie to go out as I went out. I did not really pay attention to where he went....just made sure he did not run in the garage ahead of me.

I got the Cokes and came strolling back down the walk and he rushed out at me from hiding at the end of the garage...I did not drop the Cokes but I did squeal. I had just totally forgot about him....
I got the fleur de lis all quilted this afternoon/evening. Now to think about what to do to fill up the blank spaces on the outside blocks. I am wanting to get this done till my daughter can have she wants pillowcases made.

After that I have so much I want to do...and am really in the mood to start a new project. I need to do more quilting, though. I have several tops that are waiting their turn for free motion quilting.