Tuesday, October 8, 2019

While waiting...

Here it is after 5:00 and they are here doing the guttering...so going to be a while before they are done.  They were here yesterday and today taking care of the roof.  The one sunken down place did not have anything under it.  So they peeled it back and put wood under it.  Also replaced some shingles around the exhaust pipe of the furnace....it looks a lot better but they are not all laying down...I am hoping with heat that they will.  They at least look like that is a possibility.  After the way things have been done, I fear I will never trust anyone again with things like this.  They did come back and fix the drip edge......again, hoping the other shingles lay down good with warmth from the sun.


I made these 4-patches yesterday....the first I had sewn in several days.  I wish I could get back to sewing some every day.

And I have made more of these 'leaves' or whatever you want to call them.  It is about time to cut squares and start to applique.  I did these several days ago over a couple or three nights....


A blogging friend posted a photo of a maple leaf that was completely white....I don't think I have ever seen one completely white.  But my memory is not so good at times.  But when walking out one morn, I notice all kinds of leaves in my yard turned white...we were leaving at the time so I did not take time to photograph them.

About 3 days later, maybe 4, when I did think to go back and look, all I saw were these Tulip Poplar leaves ...but still you can see how white.  I think it is mold/fungus.

That is it for now...I have more to say but too tired to type it.  Is that lazy or what?

I hope you guys are having a good week...