Monday, May 11, 2015

From the vase...

I made out like a bandit for Mother's Day...I got to actually see Sarah and Tootie on Saturday...they gave me gift cards for Mother's Day.  And I got beautiful flowers from my other daughter.
I had them in the sink adding water, so paused to take a few pics of the different flowers.
These are a richer, darker red than showing here.

Has anyone bought tennis shoes lately?  There are pink, there are purple, there are orange!  There are teal green. there are gray.  A few black and a few white ...but not a single pair did I find that felt good enough to spend the money on.  Not the black, white or gray that I really wanted, and none of the ones that make a fashion statement.

And have you ever noticed that the places that have the name brands for less than normal...none of those have arch support.  I am convinced the companies make a run of shoes that are sub-standard.

Anyway, I left without any...not to mention I had wanted to find a new pair of slip on shoes that still had a bit of support.  Didn't find any of those either.

We stopped to get a bite to eat and while there, I happened to think of Gander Mountain and their hiking shoes.  Thankfully, I found a pair that seems to feel extra good on concrete.  I could hardly stand to shop long enough to find these...being on concrete really bothers my back and feet.
Keen Women's Voyageur Hiking Shoe,Neutral Gray/Lime Green,5 M US
These are the ones I got...I do like the looks of them and they look so good with jeans..  But I cannot tell you how many pair I tried on before I settled on these.  Most of the others were definitely not an option because I have a problem with one foot.  Do you have trouble finding shoes that fit and feel good?  Every time I have to buy a pair of shoes, I dread it so bad cause I know it is going to be hard.  I think this time was the hardest yet.

More 'creatures' from the Trader's Fair

I am not sure just what this is supposed to be.  I first thought it was a grasshopper.
Now what do you think this one is supposed to be?

Is this one a scorpion?  And did you ever see allen wrenches used in this way?