Monday, January 11, 2010

Still cold

It is still cold here...and we are getting snow right as I type. I don't think it will amount to much but the sidewalks have a skim of snow covering them.

I took a little drive this evening to see what I could see. I headed to the strip pit area...the first trip through I seen one Northern Harrier, and some geese in the distance. (The photo above was from a few days back.) I went on over into Illinois to see if the geese were over there, but there were fewer today than when my brother was here. It really makes me wonder what has changed. Maybe they will come later.

On the way back home, I drove through the strip pits again, this time I saw a coyote. He was moving pretty fast when he spotted me...crossed the road and disappeared into the weeds, etc. The only thing moving otherwise were crows.
I need to make a run to pick up birdseed and sunflower seed...I guess they are birdseed, too. But I get them for the squirrels also. I really figured that I would see lots of action out at the strip pits because the squirrels were playing and chasing each other all morning long.

I think I have enough squares of material cut to finish a quilt top...I just have to get down there and start sewing. I got all my material back in place, and I have my machine set up again for regular sewing. It's funny...I have three sewing machines set up for sewing, but of course one of them is my favorite for all things quilt related.