Friday, September 21, 2007

I think I am going to start doing a day here and there called "Remembering Mom." She is where I got my love of fabric and quilting in general. And the attitude that I can make my own patterns. She had this saying that if you hadn't made a mistake, then you hadn't ever done anything. Only that is not exactly her words...
This is the quilt that I lost for several years. This picture is probably the day I found it or the was a dark dreary day...I had my husband hold it off the end of the porch. It is not a great picture....but you can at least see why I was upset. I can actually remember being very small when my mom pieced this quilt. I was probably 5 or 6 years old and can remember sitting in the floor at her feet playing with other scraps.
I don't know where she got all the red material...I don't ever remember her just going and buying yardage of fabric except for muslin or else for making our clothes. Her quilts were almost entirely of scraps. They were by no means perfect but I loved them all. We always chose our favorite block when the quilt top was finished. She always had several tops waiting to be fact I am not sure how many were/are still there after her death.
I tell my brother I would love to have pictures of all the quilts she has made, and know where they all are. She made a bunch in her was truly her passion. A lot were quilted, but she also tied a lot. She gave a lot away as graduation presents...I could not even begin to think of who all received them for that. I think all the grand kids have at least one...and most of us children do.