Monday, November 21, 2011

Not mine!

We decided to clean our living room carpet today, and when we got done we ran up to Rockville to get a bit of dinner. After eating, we took a little rambling drive through some of the Amish farms. I saw several homes with the laundry flapping in the weather...and it made me glad to have my basement and my dryer. It was misting most of the time we were out, and I wonder how these will ever get dry.

Speaking of laundry, I probably need to go do a load or two of my own. And I have not touched my sewing today, so will either sew or cut some squares. It is amazing how much can be done with just a few minutes here and there. While talking to my brother last night, I cut quite a few squares...I cannot hear to talk on the phone while sewing, so cutting is all I can do.

I may not be blogging much the next few days...have seriously been considering taking a long blog break just to try to concentrate on other things. So, if I don't, don't worry, there is nothing wrong...just wanting to do other things.