Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Good news

It was good news at the dermatologist....I wanted to share that good news and to thank you for your prayers.  She did freeze 3 or 4 places off, and one place we are going to keep an eye on. 

I have shown the tulip before, but it sprinkled this morn and I could not resist more shots...

These are so much darker in person.  I don't know why they photograph looking so purple.  Which they are purple, but they look almost black in most lights.

Again, taken by my phone.

I was waiting for the insurance adjuster to come when I was taking these pics...he was coming to check our roof.  He came, but the roof was wet from the rain, and he said he just could not say for sure.  He was supposed to try to swing back by today, but if he did, we were gone to the dermatologist.

I cannot see any damage, but this roof is only two years old.  And the awnings have dents in them.  Honest to goodness, last Thursday when the hail hit the house, it sounded like someone throwing a baseball hard against the roof.

Anyway, just had to share the good news.....