Sunday, March 15, 2015

Feeling like spring....

We had coffee on the front porch for the first time this spring!  While sitting there, I heard something.  It took a few minutes for it to dawn on me that I was hearing Sandhill Cranes.
(I have put up bigger pics than I normally do.  For the best viewing, right click on each photo, then click 'view in new window, or view in new tab')
We finally spotted them but they were too far away.  Fast forward a bit as I was hanging up clothes, I started seeing more.  I got my camera, and got Roger and we took off trying to find where they were coming from.  Or if they were going to land in some of the fields around here.
We could not find either place, but we sure saw the Sandhill Cranes.  I bet we easily saw a thousand or more.
They were too far away for me to get any really great photos, but at least you can see some of them.
There would be a line heading out, about the time we heard another line approaching from the south, the one we are watching would start circling...and they would circle till the next line came and then they would head out together.  We did not ever see them pause again to wait for a third line of birds.
Finally a few flew just a bit closer...
Sorry for the photo overload, but I just couldn't narrow down my choices.

Just think, in one day, we finally got enjoy sitting on our porch and having a cup of coffee, I got to hang clothes on the line, and as an added bonus, we got to see Sandhill Cranes.  And not just a handful which is normal for right here.