Sunday, November 17, 2013

Like this old barn

Just like this old barn, I am feeling a bit worse for wear.  Friday evening, after Roger left to go hunting, I decided to rake a few leaves.  Didn't make much headway...10 big garbage bags and that did not even get the ones in front of the garage.  Keep in mind we don't have any trees in our yard any more, other than a dogwood and a smoke bush.  So they are all from neighbor's trees.

Well, I was tired that night....but other than that nothing worse.  Though there is no use complaining, I still am having trouble with my went from the right shoulder back to the left. As a general rule it is just stiff, though I do get it flared to hurting/aching sometimes.  The raking actually seemed to make them feel better the first evening, but then that night I got moved the wrong way and they are both flared back up

Yesterday morn, I got up and ran and got the ham for Thanksgiving, then in the evening we worked on the leaves.  Roger got the blower out this time....we bagged 14 more bags, and then put a LOT on the garden spot.

By last night I was so stiff and sore I could hardly move.  Aspercreme has been my shoulder/arms.  I took ibuprofen hoping the stiffness would be gone by this morn, but it is still there.  Anyway, that is one reason I have not been around to visit...have been busy, and when I have come in the past two nights I have not wanted to do anything that required thinking or effort.