Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can you identify this?

I think this might be some kind plant grown for birdseed, but the way I have started seeing it around the edge of fields I am not so sure now. It has had several of those little yellow flowers...the plant is about 5 ft. tall. Those little green pods turn the brownish-black color and are just packed full of little black seeds.
The plants have fuzzy, heart shaped leaves..
oh, and here is the seed pot....I keep wondering if I should make an effort to cut off the seed pods and catch all the seed and burn them or something. I can just imagine getting something started that I might regret.
The toot and her mom are supposed to come tomorrow evening and may stay two nights. That is the last I heard. We are anxious to see her...I miss them living close by but am so thankful that they do live within day trip range.