Thursday, May 15, 2014

From the wild side

First and foremost...these pics were taken by Sarah...while we were in California.  Can you tell she is growing.
Not only physically....
just everything about her.  She lost her first tooth while there...pulled/twisted it out by herself.  Her aunt told her how to do it and she did it with a little encouragement.

She just went home yesterday...due to rainy weather, we did not get to go to the creek or to the local playgrounds.  However, she had no trouble staying from Friday till yesterday, and had been going to stay the night till she talked to her daddy on the phone.  She had just told her mom she wanted to spend another night, then asked to talk to her daddy.  The minute she heard his voice, she said "I'm coming home tomorrow!" and then looked up at me as if to ask was that okay...I told her that was fine...whatever she wanted to do.

One of our neighbors has a two children--one 4 yrs old and one she had someone to play with 3 or 4 of the days.  They ran and ran and pretended...blew bubbles...,and Lorelei laughed and laughed.
I am still loving my new sewing machine and love having it upstairs.  I have been sewing with it today.  Working on a small project I have started up.  But I should have been working on the binding on my other quilt.