Friday, August 21, 2020


 We had to delay getting Lorelei.  Someone in her grade had tested positive for Covid.  We do not know if it is anyone she has had contact with.  I am not sure how many different classrooms there are for her grade, but there is a chance it is not someone she has contact with.  

She has been sending me pics...

Isn't Kitty Soft Paws beautiful...I think she is about the prettiest cat I ever saw.

This is funny to me...Kitty Soft Paws has so much fur, yet she is still choosing to lay in the sun.

On the other hand, if Rosie is resting, she wants in your lap or in a quilt or blanket.


I had did some cooking earlier in the day  till I would not have to cook when we got home from getting Lorelei .  Then in the afternoon, I played a little bit with scraps of fabric. I don't really like that huge chunk of green on the tip on one side, but I was not changing it.

I think I will make a potholder with it, but that is not set in stone.  I just wanted to play with fabric a bit...and this was as far as I got in my thinking.  That is about it for now...