Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photos from Sarah

All of these were taken by Sarah, with the exception of the one of her and Lorelei...which Jeremy took.
First of all, that is Jackson above--Lorelei's little cousin.
This is Lorelei playing in water, of course!
And here we have Jackson on his slide, with Lorelei peaking out. I think you can tell by the smiling face how much she enjoyed him.....
I love the look in Lorelei's eyes as she looks at her daddy....
and you all know who this is....

They are sitting on upstream from the mill in Cumberland Gap--that is the headwaters for Gap goes by home. By the time it gets the few miles down there, it is wide enough to flood fields when we have a lot of rain...and also floods the road in two places by home. There is a way out through another farm...but the average person would not be able to do that.

There were two or three summers that we played in that creek almost every single day....and it was always so cold....but George mentioned that when they were at the Gap last summer that it was warm....that totally surprised me. My brother said that now when the water level gets real low, that it does get warmer.

In recent years, since they put the tunnel through the mountain for the road, Gap Creek gets lower than we have ever seen it. Plus there is a spring up near our old place that almost goes dry....and that is something else we had never seen until the Cumberland Gap Tunnel was built.